Which of these actresses would be our very own Olivia Pope?

Amongst these actresses who would you choose as a stand in fixer for Kerry Washington?

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Olivia Pope

It is without a doubt that we all need an efficient Olivia Pope in our lives, someone who is able to fix our crumbling lives and assure us that everything is going to be ok, as long as they're steering the roller-coaster that is our lives.

With its impeccable script and talented roster of actors, The Fixer is probably THE gospel when it comes to political drama series. Every other episode leaves you at the edge of your seat as you anticipate what Olivia Pope's next move is, when in the midst of trouble.

But every fixer needs a break, you know, to re-charge and re-calculate her next strategic moves for the betterment of society.

Which then bares us this question: If America has Kerry Washington as their Olivia Pope which South African actress would be a suitable fit for the role of Olivia should we have our own South African version of The Fixer?

The first four seasons of The Fixer are available to stream or download on ShowMax.

Now we know you're reading this article and thinking they're probably better off only having an American version, No! 

Have a sense of pride and faith in our own talent, please.

There is no doubt that the character of Oliva Pope is a complex one, filled with drama and surprise lurking at every corner which is why we think these following actresses would have no issues filling the shoes of Kerry Washington on the show.

Without wasting any time we've compiled a list of South African actresses who we think would do justice to the Oliva Pope role.

In no particular order, here they are.

Xolile Tshabalala
Xolile Tshabalala

Yes, we all know how much some of you loved to hate her during her days as "Julia Motene" on Generations but that is the exact reason why she would be the perfect fit for the Oliva Pope role. We at ZAlebs had this love/hate relationship for Xolile whilst on Generations, we hated her because of her evil ways on the show but loved her for her riveting acting and as an actor, being able to evoke emotions out of a viewer from the other side of the screen is a great skill not many South African actors have.

Abena Ayivor
Ayebana Ayivor

Remember her? 

She also acted on Generations back in the day as drug addict, "Lerato Modise". There is just something about Abena's edginess that made us gravitate towards her. She was not the girl next door, nor was she the motherly type in her roles but there was just something about her raw acting that had us on the edge of our seat. Would she fit the shoes of an Oliva Pope? We definitely think so.

Pamela Nomvete
Pamela Nomvete

We miss this woman so much on our screens and as much as we know that this list now kind of looks like a Generations campaign, it's not. Maybe it really speaks back to the caliber of great acting that was on the show back in the day.

If The Fixer played during Nomvete's heydays we have no doubt that she would've done justice to the Oliva Pope character. Remember how her mouth would shake every time she was revved up the wrong way? Pamela was absolutely thrilling to watch.

Moshidi Motshegwa

To be Olivia Pope we think you have to be borderline crazy to fully immerse yourself within this character and Moshidi definitely proved to us that she knows how to play crazy when she also played the role of "Naomi" on Rythm City. 

Catch up on Olivia Pope's riveting acting in the first four seasons of  The Fixer right here.

Bonnie Mbuli
Bonnie Mbuli

Or maybe the Oliva Pope crown belongs to Bonnie Mbuli?

Just like Abena, we can't deny that Bonnie also has that edginess about her that screams, Olivia Pope!

Let us know what you think of our Olivia Pope list.

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