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By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM 

The love of sneakers has seen itself evolve into a culture that is worth millions of rands.

Not only do people buy sneakers for the sake of looking good but they also buy sneakers to resell them, so while some might think sneakers are a waste of money it turns out that sneakers can also be good for the economy.

It is also well known that the culture of sneakers is quite popular in music genres like Hip Hop.

We've had rappers such as the likes of Nelly rap about the famous Nike Air Force Ones and J'z on my feet which was his homage song to the as famous sneaker - Air Jordan.

Some of your favourite rappers and celebrities alike have a very impressive collection of sneakers.

K.O - Asics Tiger

The rapper is known to have an extensive collection of sneakers, but in 2018, K.O became a dedicated Asics Tiger sneaker fan, not only because he is now the sneaker brands new ambassador but because these kicks are also one of the coolest sneakers to wear currently. Not just for the gym but for your day-to-day activities as well.

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K.O likes his Asics Tiger kicks so much that he even gave the sneaker brand a shout out on his latest single - Supa Duba.

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L_Tido - Nike, Vans, Puma...

Another rapper who has a mean sneaker game is L-Tido. The rapper does not discriminate when it comes to sneaker brands if it looks good on his feet and for the overall swag he's definitely wearing it.

From his custom-made vans...
Instagram embed his Jordan collection, L-Tido does not play around when it comes to making sure that his feet step out looking clean.

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Nasty C - Puma

If you are a die-hard Puma fan than we're quite sure that Nasty C's collection of Puma's has you green with envy, the man probably has a collection of classic and current Puma sneakers and the worst part is that he probably gets these sneakers for free.

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But then again, when you're a Puma ambassador you always get hooked up with the freshest and latest kicks in the brands collection.

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Youngsta CPT - Nike

The Capetonian rapper is known for his obsession with Nike sneakers, and as it stands, we think he by far has the best Nike sneaker collection we've seen from a rapper.

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In previous times, Youngsta CPT has admitted that he is a Nike head through and through and we think it's about time Nike hooks him up with an ambassador deal?

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No seriously, Youngsta's Nike collection is insane.
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What's your're favourtie brand of sneaker and how many pairs do you own?

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