Sizwe Dhlomo's Debate: Mzekezeke Vs Zola 7

Sizwe Dhlomo started a huge debate on the two stars

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Zola 7 

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Sizwe Dhlomo took people down memory lane when he started a viral debate on two of the country's music icons. Sizwe asked the masses, "who had a better run between Mzekezeke and Zola."

Both music icons contributed immensely to the culture and music that many reminisce about till this day. For many, choosing between the two does not make sense because fans feel that both artists are unique and equally talented.

For the longest time, Mzansi believed that DJ Sbu was Mzekezeke untill all was revealed in a radio interview, that they are actually two different people. At some point, social media was stunned when Mzekezeke made his return in 2015 from a retirement that seemed like a lifetime for fans.

On the other hand, Zola has a legion of fans who believe he needs to be given his flowers while he can still smell them; for both his classic hits and his contribution to the youth and the poor.

It's a tough one, fam.

Notorious for his thought-provoking tweets and debates that often leave many in their feelings, Sizwe started a civil debate this time, people were engaging and no shade was thrown.

By the looks of things, there was no clear 'winner' as both artists dominated the other based on criteria.

People shared their thoughts on this debate:

But Sizwe has a clear winner though.

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