AKA Keen On Working With A Reece

...if he can find him!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM  | AKA 

It seems as though rapper AKA is still keen on working with A Reece even after many other rappers have expressed how unsuccessful they were on contacting him.

Getting A Reece in studio with another artist has been said to be a challenge, even getting the rapper to pick up his phone is a task on its own. However, Forbes is still set on working with him.

Last year AKA teased his fans with news that he will be working on his album soon and revealed a list of rappers he would love to work with.

Now, in an exchange with a tweep who asked him if he still wanted to collaborate with Reece, Bhova responded with "Hell F***ing yeah", indicating that he is more than keen on doing so. 

AKA has shown interest in working with him but when a fan asked if he would work with Reece, he spoke about how difficult it is to catch him. Likening him to a Unicorn. 

“Hell F**king yeah…but i don’t know if it’s his fault or mine but tbh… Reece is like a unicorn…if u catch him you catch him…if you don’t…you probably not trying too hard.," he said.

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Picture credit: Instagram/reece_youngking
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