Amapiano vs Gqom which is your fave?

There's a genre battle going on that needs to be solved

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM 

When it comes to music, there will always be some sort of battle that is genre-related.

For instance, at some point in our music history and at the emergence of the local Hip Hop scene, there was a clear battle between Kwaito fans and the Hip Hop cats.

The battle was so hectic that Mzekezeke even created a diss track titled Amakoporosh targeted at Hip Hop artists and their fans.

The song became such a success that you couldn't help but catch feelings if you were a staunch Hip Hop fan at the time.

Fast forward to 2018 and the local sounds of Gqom music has definitely taken the nation by storm.

A house party or event isn't complete without the sounds of Gqom and if you dislike this particular genre we feel sorry for you because it's popping and it's here to stay.

However, since 2016 - 2017 there is a new interesting sound that emerged from the city of Pretoria that is slowly but surely taking the music scene by storm. The genre we're referring to is Amapiano.

So what is Amapiano?

Some people have described Amapiano as the sub-genre of House Music with predominantly piano elements that make up the majority of the track, basically the piano is the lead instrument when it comes to this particular music.

Many people have debated about where this genre originated from. Fans of the sound have argued that Amapiano originally emerged from Pretoria while others believe it derived from the Vosloorus.

A number of well known DJ's have also given the genre a thumbs up. Prince Kaybee has clearly shared his stance about where he stands when it comes to this genre.

Even renowned local designer - Thula Sindi has warmed up to the genre as well.

We've also seen a number of our entertainers and well known business men dance to the sounds of Amapiano.
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The genre has also managed to release a string of albums from Volume 1 to Volume 3, apperantly Volume 4 is on it's way too.

We've heard many people say that one can't dance to Amapiano music but by the looks of this gentleman right here, you can definitely dance to Amapiano.

There is also an ongoing debate about Amapiano vs Gqom music on social media, so which team are you on? Gqom nation or Amapiano?

Main Image Credit: Twitter/@AmapianoSA