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Speedy recovery to the musician

By  | Nov 22, 2021, 01:21 PM  | Arthur Mafokate 

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Musician Arthur Mafokate recently suffered a health scare which landed him in hospital and his fans can breathe a sigh of relief since he is recovering well.

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Taking to his Instagram account, he penned a lengthy message thanking everyone for the well wishes. The musician also thanked actress Connie Ferguson for being the pillar of his strength. Furthermore, he expressed appreciation to those who kept the information about his illness private for his parents, who could have endured more stress. 

"Thanks to the humble and dedicated medical team at the hospital, and to all of you that have been wishing me well since Wednesday after reading my WhatsApp status, like the message said that I will not respond to you all, but I read all your messages and appreciate all your support, may The Lord bless You in abundance 🙏🏾. Thanks for keeping it a secret to my parents and saving them from stress they could have went through had they been aware as of Tuesday that I was not fine. Aus Connie you are my pillar of strength," he captioned the post.

Fans took to the comment section to wish him a speedy recovery.

Another star who was recently admitted to hospital is singer and actress Rorisang Thandekiso. The TV host recently underwent surgery and she took to social media to update her fans on how she was doing. In a post she wrote: “30 days ago, my life changed. A beautiful night ended with me heading straight to surgery. The past 30 days have been physically and emotionally exhausting... I’m so grateful for my family.”

The Metro FM DJ posted pictures of her wheelchair and crutches, along with a message thanking her mother for making the journey smooth. “My mother, calling everyone to find out what she can do to make this journey easier, bathing me, singing me to sleep, making my favorite meals EVERYDAY, praying over me... what a gift God gave me in you!” She also showed gratitude to her older sister Bokang who’s been sleeping on the floor next to her every night.

“My older sister aka Deputy Mom... Tjo Bokang words fails me...My sister sleeps on the floor in my bedroom everyday EVERY NIGHT ... so that she is close enough to me at night...she helps me bathe everyday, cooks for us, cleans the house and is my biggest cheerleader hyping me up when I leave for work.”

She also gave thanks to her little brother who’s been doing everything for her ever since she got hospitalized.

“My little brother, my driver, my carrier, my work partner that stays with me for long hours on set, wakes up with me at 1 am to go do my radio show, waters my plants, rubs my feet and watches Asian television with me... I call out his name at least 50 times a day. You sir have made this season so much easier to face. Your constant smile and ever ready heart to serve me melts my heart,” she shared. Concluding her heartfelt message, the star said that her support structure inspires her to keep going and also thanked her Aunt. “You guys inspire me to get up and live! AND LIVE I WILL! This is going to be my best year!!! Also, aunty is; “the best of the Best of THE BEST!!!!”

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