Five times Shota's relationship problems made us dance

Shana is one of those groups that have made South African history mainly because this was the group that gave us Black Coffee. 

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But as much as Black Coffee was birthed out of that group, the highlight was definitely Shota. He always made the hottest songs out of his relationship woes. Today we're highlighting the ones that made us lose ourselves on the dancefloors. 

1. DJ Euphonik Ft. Shota - Seng'khathele 

Being the big star he is, Shota knew it would be difficult to find love. He expresses one of the reasons he's having difficulty finding true love in this song: the fact that women keep using him. 

2. Shana - Uyang'chomela 

You know that feeling when you want somebody but they're giving you mixed signals? Shota has gone through that too. But luckily for him, the ladies friend was keen on him so hey. A jam for life.

3. Shota - Ben 10

No one ever likes getting cheated on. Now imagine getting cheated on with someone who's younger than you? Shota's been through that too and he shared it with us. 

4. Shana - Ung'phul' inhliziyo

When a relationship is reaching its end and you can tell. It hurts. Shota asks his partner what's going on because she's not doing the things that lovers usually do and that is breaking his heart. 

5. Shana - Bhenga 

When we're talking seduction on the dancefloor, we're talking about this. Shota seduces all the people to the dancefloor and tells them ukuthi it's time to get down now. No time to play. 

Which other Shota songs made you want to get down? Share them with us. 

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