Five pics that prove Bonnie Mbuli doesn't age

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Bonnie Mbuli 

Bonnie Mbuli shared a sizzling hot picture from her recent feature for GQ Essentials, and all we can say is wow!

The actress looks super fierce in nothing but a faux fur jacket from the waist up. The picture may be old, but Bonnie certainly is not. 

We think Bonnie has been drinking from the fountain of youth, because she has not aged one bit in the past decade.

At 36, Bonnie is sexier than ever, and don’t get us started on her flawless skin.

She could definitely give women in their twenties a run for their money.

What’s your secret, Bonnie?

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Ageless beauty

30s Fabulosity 

She has the body of a teenager - who does a lot of ab crunches

She woke up flawless

That's because black "don't crack" 

Image credit: Instagram/officialbonbizzle