The differences between actors and the characters they play

Most actors are totally different from the characters they play, but they can also be somewhat similar

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM 

Clement Maosa

A little makeup, funky hairstyle or a weave and suddenly you are looking at a totally different person. Rythym City actress, Mapula Mafole who plays the role of Mapula is a different person in real life. The 27-years-old actress plays the role of a high school teenager. In an interview with Sowetan, Mapula said that although she has a child-like spirit, she is very much an adult.

Mapula Mafole

"I have a child-like spirit for sure. I just look really young, but I'm an adult. I'm trying to grow into myself and become the woman that I'm meant to be," she said.

Mapula also said her tiny body was somewhat a disadvantage to her as some of the boys who come after her are very young, sometimes it's so frustrating [looking like a teen], like when I'm driving and I get pulled over. I do get hit on by small boys, which is so weird, because I'm just like, 'dude, calm yourself, I'm actually old enough to be your [big] sister'," she said to Sowetan.

Generations' Lesedi, Luyanda Mzazi

The same could be said about Luyanda Mzazi who plays the role of Lesedi Diale on Generations: The Legacy. Mzazi who in real life is 23 years of age and plays the role of a matric student.

In an interview with Massive Metro radio, Luyanda Mzazi said Lesedi is only for TV: “When I am out, many will be like, 'hey Lesedi what are you doing to gogo?', I am like, hey it’s not me, it’s Lesedi,” she said.


On Skeem Saam, Zamokuhle comes from a rural area in Limpopo called Turf loop and in real life, Clement Maosa who plays the character of Zamo also grew up in a rural area in Limpopo.

Moreover, in an interview on Dream School SA on YouTube, Maosa opened up about losing a parent when he was 18 and having the responsibility of becoming a breadwinner at such a young age, something his character has also had to do.

“My parents were domestic workers and when I was 18, I lost both of my parents, I then started taking care of my younger brother and sister," he explained.

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