DJ Sbu To Lawyer Up Against A Tweep Following A Sex Tape Making The Rounds

He is not impressed with the false accusations

By  | Apr 01, 2022, 09:02 AM 

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Celebrities don't play these days. Over the years, we have seen a number of fans landing themselves in hot water with their favorite stars. The defamatory allegations can either slander, humiliate, defame and tarnish celebrities reputation.

Some celebs choose to not pursue the legal route, but there are those who lawyer up against them, and it appears Tweeps never learn from the culprits. Imagine having to pay thousands of rands you don’t even have for your legal battle, after making defamatory claims about a celeb.

DJ Sbu is the latest celebrity who has promised to sue a Twitter user for defaming him. The media mogul has threatened to lawyer up against the Twitter user who goes by the handle of @tay_zen1th. This is after she shared an explicit sex tape that features a male and a female, with the caption "DJ Sbu" accompanied with crying faces emoji's.

The quality of the video is poor and in this case, it appears it was a case of mistaken identity. Some fans started to believe that it is DJ Sbu and this has ruffled his feather. The music producer took to his Twitter account to clear the air. He made it clear that it is not him on the video and threatened to sue the Twitter user.
Another celeb who was mistaken for being in a viral sex tape is Ntando Duma. This follows after a sex tape that featured a girl who 'seemingly looked like her' went viral.

She took to her Twitter account to set the record straight that it was not her. "I legit almost believed that was me in that video  yaze yafana nami leya ngane but for confirmation. It is definitely NOT ME and I would never do anything of that nature."

Bonang Matheba recently won a lawsuit against controversial podcaster Rea Gopane. It appears she just wanted to teach Rea a lesson for tarnishing her reputation. The court ruled that Rea should pay Bonang R300 000 plus the legal costs.

Rea accused Bonang of introducing her ex-boyfriend AKA to cocaine. "Scoop told us that AKA is on coke, and Bonang is the one that got him into cocaine. Scoop told us that, bro, after the interview we had him right here at this place," Rea said.

In a bid to teach him a lesson, Bonang slapped him with a R500k lawsuit. Her letter of demand summoned Rea to post a public apology and pay R500k for damaging her brand. The letter also stated that the allegations were defamatory, hurtful, and were deliberately intended to humiliate her and undermine her reputation.

"The allegations are also, to your knowledge false. Your false utterances are compounded by the fact that at the time of making them on a public platform, you knew full well that these utterances would be widely viewed given my client's high public profile.

"To this end, I am instructed to demand from you, payment of the sum of R500,000 within 10 days. Should this sum not be paid within the time prescribed, I have instructions to issue summons without further notice to you."

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