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Legendary DJ and businessman DJ Sbu was reportedly scammed almost R20 000 in a popular digital currency called cryptocurrency.

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The DJ told TimesLive that in 2020 he was scammed thousands of rands, and he never found his scammers. He shared, "It was a little less than 20k, which is a lot of money. After I was scammed I was pissed off but then I understood it's not crypto that's the scam, it's me falling into the trap of trusting people. They scammed me, they disappeared, they blocked me and I never found them again.”

He added that people fall into these kinds of scams after being promised big returns. He also told the publication that after being scammed, he gathered some information and he now has a better understanding.

“I've been scammed but then getting more knowledge made me understand it's not crypto that is the scam, it's the people who scammed me with their knowledge that is better than mine.

“Someone can DM you and lie to you, saying if you give them 1k it will be 10k in three weeks. A lot of the time you sort of don't want to believe this person but because you want the money you end up in the traps, he told the publication.

Meanwhile, DJ Sbu set tongues wagging a few days ago after his "hug a tree" stunt. The DJ encouraged fans to hug trees as he promoted his latest single titled "Maruapula."

Taking to his social media platforms, DJ Sbu spoke about the importance of connecting to the earth. "When you are a black person, you are so blessed that your melanin connects to this (pointing at a tree.) Connect to the plants, connect to the earth. From time to time, when you get a chance, just walk barefooted, just walk barefooted, either on your green grass or the floor. When you get the chance just hug a tree. You can hug a tree for like 2-3 minutes," he said in a video.

He added that when you know who you are, it is easy for you to connect with nature and when you do, nature allows you to develop spiritually until your third eye is open.

"By just you hugging a tree - remember we are spiritual beings, we are all energy - everything that you are you are transmitting and you are receiving. In other words, your hair is your aerial to connect with the earth."

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