DMF: Xolani's Uncles Are Award Winners

Don't judge people who can't speak English

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM 

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The latest episode of Date My Family is probably one of the funniest episodes we've watched to date.

On Sunday evening's episode, we got introduced to a young and outspoken lady by the name of Hazel.

In search of a companion and stable relationship, Hazel met up with three families, although all the families were welcoming, little did she know that her encounter with the third family was going to be one of her most memorable moments on the show.

Hazel was introduced to Xolani's family; unfortunately, the family was then subjected to a lot of taunting on social media after it became quite clear that speaking English was not their strongest traits.

For some, the families poor command of the English language was seen as a joke.

While others lambasted the show for making a spectacle out of the family knowing very well that they did not speak fluent English.

However, by the end of the show, it was quite clear that Xolani's family were the victors as we soon came to learn that the uncles are award-winning musicians who are part of a Maskandi group known as Abafana baka Mgqumeni.

This group has had the pleasure of winning the best Maskandi album at the SAMAs back in 2018 and are very much respected in the industry, regardless of their inability to speak English.

This is yet another example and proof that English is not the be-all and end-all of languages.

The other interesting part of this episode was when viewers came to the realisation that Hazel actually looks like DJ Zinhle.

At first, we could not see the resemblance, but after watching the show for a while, we could see that Hazel could pass as DJ Zinhle's doppelganger.

Can you see it?

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