Don't Have An Evil Heart

Zakes advises people to remain kind hearted

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM 

Ever heard of the term: Nice people finish last?

Well, in my personal experience in life, that is actually quite true, especially when it comes to business. The world of business has little to no time for people who are kind and sympathetic, a truth that has got musician - Zakes Bantwini really concerned.

In a recent video posted by the creative, Zakes expressed how saddened he was to see one of his good-hearted friends post a message on social media that read:

"Can you guys direct me to a tuckshop which sells inhliziyo embi (an ugly heart) because I want to buy it so I can also be successful."

The post led to Zakes expressing his thoughts about how the world has gotten the idea of success all misconstrued.

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Zakes believes that just because we're all chasing success, we should not lose our good-hearted nature all in the name of being successful as that is not what life is about.

The music producer was honest by revealing that he has lost friends, acquaintances and has stopped talking to certain people all because of money and chasing success.

"It's very sad that in life, for you to be successful, you have to have a heart of a devil. People have even coined it the term; 'It's business it's not personal.' Now how can it not be personal when the decision that you are taking with your greediness and selfishness affecting my livelihood, my family, my kids, everything!" said.

Zakes strongly feels that as a people we have lost the plot if we think that getting ahead by walking all over other people and making selfish decisions all in the name of money is the way to go.

He also added that he is not a believer of the term; "It's not personal it's business." As he feels that it is very personal, especially when it affects him and his loved ones.

Zakes concluded by saying that he would hate to lose good-hearted people, all in the name of money and success and has cautioned his friend to not turn his heart cold all in the name of success.

Check out the full video below:

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