A Reece And Flame Have Burried The Hatchet

There is no bad blood between them anymore.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM  | A-Reece  | Drama

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A Reece and Flame have squashed their beef and fans are here for it.

A video surfaced last year of the two allegedly involved in a physical fight. Fans were left confused because the Wrecking Crew had a fallout in 2017, however the two continued their friendship and made music together.

According to Reece's lyrics alleging that their beef was caused by a female, he said;

"What you expect to hear when niggas ask me about Flame?...I was there before the money, she would never say the same...How could you stick around and let her have her own way?...She even go as far as throwing dirt on my name...How you let her come between us and the records that we made?..."

Now, the two have made amends and their brotherhood is re-ignited. Reece recently turned 23 and Flame wished him a good one and he let him know that there is still nothing but love.

Letting fans know that there is also still nothing but love from his side, Reece also posted a picture of the two of them earlier this month. He got fans excited over a possibility of a collab between the two of them.
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