AKA Allegedly Sues Nota Baloyi

AKA is tired of the allegations

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A lot has been said about rapper Kiernan Forbes following the untimely death of his fiancée Anele Tembe. Allegations of drug abuse which allegedly lead him to being abusive towards Nellie were made and now the rapper is taking legal action.

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Said anything defamatory about the rapper regarding Anele's death? Well you might want to delete those posts because AKA is taking legal action. Well for now, the rapper is at least taking legal action against Nota Baloyi for making slanderous claims in a form of tweets after Nellie's passing.

Pictures, videos and anonymous letters were leaked which all suggested that Supa Mega was abusive towards his late fiancée. Many social media users shared their own opinions about such claims including Nota who shared his in several tweets.

Ntsiki Mazwai first shared this on social media and expressed how disappointed she is about AKA apparently using the law for his own good. “So AKA is suing Nota??? We are living in an era where you get sued for speaking the truth. What a gross abuse of the justice system we are seeing,” she said.

Nota has not said much about this lawsuit, but we can expect anything from him in the next few days. He did, however deactivate his Twitter account and he also took to Instagram and posted a screenshot of an interview from YouTube with a cryptic caption which suggests he is indeed getting sued. "Sue me once, shame on me... Sue me twice, shame on you!"

In a YouTube video shared by a channel called Mzansi A-Listers, they share contents of the legal papers sent to Nhlamulo. His lawyers Mabuza Attorneys even pointed out the tweet which AKA deems defamatory and it reads,

"The man needs fixing because he is in denial about a lot of things but I would have preferred him to own his bullying of his wife, his substance abuse and his rushing into a relationship soon after his previous break ups. I am praying for him to find God and rely only on him!"

AKA's lawyers Mabuza Attorneys said that Nota's had stirred controversy regarding AKA's character in order to humiliate him for his own selfish and personal gains.

"The aforementioned allegations are false and defamatory in nature...mean, alternatively imply alternatively contain various innuendos," part of the letter reads.

"The aim and purpose of these statements and allegations is to slander, humiliate defame and tarnish the good name and reputation of our client. You were opportunistic and displayed true parasitic behaviour by stirring controversy and using our clients personal tragedy against him for your own personal and selfish gains," the letter continues.

He was then instructed to retract his statements and issue out a public apology to AKA. He is also instructed to not utter a word about AKA in future. In addition to that the civil claim against Nota demands that he pays AKA R500K for damages.
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During his interview with journalist Thembekile Mrototo in May, AKA did admit that he had experimented with drugs but did not mention which ones. When questioned about Nellie, he said he could not speak for her as she is not present to defend herself.

This is not the first time the music executive got sued for being vocal about such issues. Black Coffee also sued him this year and served him a cease and desist letter for defaming him after he made accusations that he abused Enhle Mbali.

Nota did apologise however his apology was laced with 'smug' undertones. “As for your claim that I defamed your character I’m sorry to break it to you but it wasn’t me. Your skeletons will come tumbling out the closet and you won’t be able to single handedly stop that. Apologies again and Happy Easter I hope all your children are gifted with your presence and not just presents. Who knows maybe you can start being a exemplary father at 45!”

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