Moses Tembe Speaks Out

He responds to AKA's explosive interview

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After AKA's explosive tell-all interview with journalist Thembekile Mrototo on BarLeader's YouTube channel, Moses Tembe responded and refuted some of AKA's claims which he made in the interview.

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AKA sat down with Thembekile and meticulously spoke about his relationship with Anele Tembe, saying despite what the leaked videos and pictures might suggest, he treated her like Gold. He was also asked about the fateful day and the memorial service, as well as his relationship with the Tembe's.

Supa Mega did not utter a word at her memorial service and he suggested that he was not allowed to do so. He said when he checked the program, to his surprise his name was not there. Apparently his name was removed on the 11th hour where he was expected to speak and deliver a eulogy.

Even though he never got to read it out, he promised the Megacy that he would read it out or post it one day.

He also questioned why the police minister Bheki Cele was allowed to speak and wondered what message was that going to spread to the general public.

Anele's father responded to these claims and his statement was posted by BarLeader at the end of the interview. He said AKA was not denied to speak at Anele's memorial. However he would have spoken, had he asked to do so.

The businessman who reiterated that the Tembe family is very private, said Bheki Cele always attends funerals and theirs was not special. Speaking on their privacy, Mr/ Tembe also spoke about the lobola amount which has also been made public knowledge. He said traditionally that amount is never discussed, even Anele did know how much her fiancé paid for her.

Read his statement below: 

“We held memorial services all week preceding Anele's funeral service. Kiernan's father and Kiernan's friend spoke alongside Tembe family. Kiernan never made a request nor was he ever denied an opportunity to read his message on the day of the funeral.

“The funeral program never included Mr Bheki Cele but the program director used his prerogative to invite him to the podium, a courtesy that would have been given to any minister. Personally, I have seen Mr Bheki Cele and other ministers in attendance to many funerals and ours was no exception.

“We are a private family and it has been like that for decades. We view such relationships as private and treat as such... We would like to be given space to grieve. We’ve lost our daughter and we are hurting badly.”
Screenshot BarLeader YT channel
Screenshot BarLeader YT channel

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