AKA Drags Fan Who Broke Down When Meeting Him

He says the interaction was cringy

By  | Jun 05, 2022, 02:50 PM  | AKA  | Drama

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AKA is all for the love and support he gets from his fans on a daily. But the reaction from one of his fans when he met him, threw him off quite a bit and told the fan to pull himself together.

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AKA is one of the most loved rappers on the continent and he gets celebrated by people from all walks of life. It came as no surprise when a male fan cried his eyes out when he met the Composure hitmaker.

The video circulated all over the internet with people having mixed reactions about this.

One person who hated the way the fan just started crying hysterically for him, is AKA himself. The rapper shared his thoughts on how the fan just started crying and said it was a cringe moment for him.

"Falling to your knees and crying your eyes out as a grown man when you meet me is a bit over the top. Pull yourself together man," said the rapper.

Then AKA said a little bit of emotion wouldn't have been a bad thing but to literally throw himself to the ground was a bit over the top for him. "There’s nothing wrong with shedding a young tear or being emotional. But then there’s literally throwing yourself on the ground like I’m Jesus or something. That shit is cringe as f**k."

AKA then said people have died at the hands of their biggest fans which is why he finds this very weird.

Watch the video of the fan and look at AKA's reaction which clearly shows he is not impressed by this.
AKA got dragged by people and his fans for his reaction to this and what he said about the man, saying people have been bullying him and for the rapper to react the way he did is not making the situation any better.

His biggest fan said, "I don’t agree with you on this one. You can’t dictate how people should react when they meet you. Honestly, fave, it’s bad enough that the guy was trolled all week long, I can’t begin to imagine how he must be feeling now."

But AKA said he felt very weird about this.

A troll said AKA literally has Michael Jackson tatted on him but he is judging a fan for reacting the way they did. "This idiot has a tattoo of a grown as* man he admires on his skin then wants to come here and tell us how to react when we meet...Ni**a you made Composure.. how did you think this was gonna go?"

He then commended a fan who did not break down and cry for him, the same way the other fan did.

AKA does not mind fans showing some love for him and even some go as far as tattooing their names on him, and he said that is more than enough.
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