AKA And Nadia's Relationship Labeled A "Publicity Stunt"

MacG says there is no chemistry between them

By  | May 01, 2022, 11:06 AM  | Nadia Nakai  | Relationships

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Are AKA and Nadia Nakai pulling one of the biggest publicity stunts ever? Well MacG of Podcast And Chill With MacG seems to think so and some people seem to agree.

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The Podcast and Chill with MacG team discussed Hip Hop's hottest couple that absolutely nobody saw coming. After months of speculation that they were dating, the couple went official on social media by posting their pictures and instantly sparked controversy.

Especially because AKA had buried his fiancé Anele Tembe just months before getting into a relationship with Bragga. If that was not it, Nadia got dragged for dating her former boss/friend's biggest enemy - we're talking about Cassper Nyovest.

But through it all, they survived the backlash and gained a few new supporters along the way and have been painted as couple goals.

On their Monday episode of Podcast And Chill they spoke about how they think this relationship is a publicity stunt. MacG said the relationship is fake,  “For me it’s weird, it makes no sense. To me, it strikes me as one of those arranged publicity stunts because when I watch them there’s no chemistry.”

Some hillers agree that they do indeed have no chemistry.

Others were convinced that their relationship is indeed toxic after a report from Daily Sun alleged that AKA abused Nadia. 

“He allegedly assaulted her at the venue in full view of people. When he arrived at the hotel, he went into a room where she was chilling with other people and allegedly attacked the promoter who had booked them. He allegedly punched him several times and then went back to Nadia. He had to be restrained and once calm, he broke down and cried," said a source to the publication.

In a joint statement the couple denied the allegations, "Just to clear the air there was no physical abuse nor verbal altercation between us. we are fine and there's no drama between us, we are basking our individual successes from the amazing trip."

Not only did they refute these allegations, they also revealed that they are suing the publication R800k for damages caused.

Even after Nadia denied being abused, they still published the news. She apparently said to them, “It never happened. I was not assaulted in any way. We just got into an argument and that is all,” she said. In another joint statement, they said, “What we took to be light interactions with industry peers have been twisted by outsiders. There was no physical or verbal altercation. We are fine and there’s no drama between us.”

On Anele Tembe's death anniversary, AKA and his mother sent sweet messages in remembrance of the young lady. "May your soul rest peacefully Nelz. It’s been the most difficult year, time heals but the scars will remain forever. I wish I could take your pain away Kiernan. I continue to pray for peace and the healing of both families. I’m grateful for all the love and support we have received in the midst of the pain and the daily challenges we face."

AKA as well said a few words, "I’ll remember this day for the rest of my life. 11/04/2021. Everyday I pray for the healing of your family and my family. I hope one day we can all come together and pay our respects to you and your memory at the same place and at the same time," he tweeted.

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