AKA On How Nadia Saved His Life

The rapper gushes over his bae

By  | May 19, 2022, 09:00 AM  | AKA  | Relationships

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Celebrated Hip Hop couple Nadia Nakai and AKA seem to be growing stronger than ever before. The couple had people talking when they first came out but now, they have stolen the spotlight, so much to the point where a single post causes a ruckus.

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In celebration of his bae's birthday, AKA took to social media and posted a series of snaps where they look cosier than ever. It's the very short caption that caught our attention, where he says Nadia actually saved his life.

Nadia Nakai turned 32 years old yesterday May 18 and was showered with love. To celebrate her birthday, she hosted a party at Club Montana with her friends Ayanda MVP and Tatum Lewis.

She will also be going on a birthday tour around various clubs and it started on May 14 and will end on the 28th.

Their relationship was frowned upon for two reasons, for one, Nadia Nakai basically was shown the ropes in the industry by Cassper Nyovest and they became really tight. It wasn't until Cassper gained an enemy out of AKA that they became rivals. So you can only imagine why the relationship between Nadia and Cassper ended - but to her gain, it was the start of something even more beautiful with AKA.

Secondly, AKA had just lost his fiancé Anele Tembe after a fateful fall in Cape Town. The young lady was laid to rest in April last year and AKA was scarred pretty badly. Which is kind of why it makes sense he would say Nadia saved his life because he dated her after Anele.

People thought it was too soon for AKA to move on just so quickly however people mourn differently.

Even MacG thinks the whole relationship is a farce, “For me it’s weird, it makes no sense. To me, it strikes me as one of those arranged publicity stunts because when I watch them there’s no chemistry.”

To make things worse, abuse allegations also came up with reports from Daily Sun alleging that AKA abused Nadia. 

“He allegedly assaulted her at the venue in full view of people. When he arrived at the hotel, he went into a room where she was chilling with other people and allegedly attacked the promoter who had booked them. He allegedly punched him several times and then went back to Nadia. He had to be restrained and once calm, he broke down and cried," said a source to the publication.

In a joint statement the couple denied the allegations, "Just to clear the air there was no physical abuse nor verbal altercation between us. we are fine and there's no drama between us, we are basking our individual successes from the amazing trip."

The publication had even gotten ahold of Nadia who denied being assaulted, “It never happened. I was not assaulted in any way. We just got into an argument and that is all,” she said. In another joint statement, they said, “What we took to be light interactions with industry peers have been twisted by outsiders. There was no physical or verbal altercation. We are fine and there’s no drama between us.”

It is pretty clear that Anele was AKA's love of his life as he continuously remembers her from time to time, "I’ll remember this day for the rest of my life. 11/04/2021. Every day I pray for the healing of your family and my family. I hope one day we can all come together and pay our respects to you and your memory at the same place and at the same time," he tweeted.

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