AKA responds to those half-naked photos

This weekend was just all kinds of hectic for the rapper

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | AKA  | Drama


Apart from having a number of great performances this weekend, AKA found himself being the topic of discussion once again on these social media streets. Sigh, the guy just can't get a break.

Twitter was at a standstill when a number of compromising pictures of a half-naked individual wearing white underwear went viral on the social media platform over the weekend.

While some people are convinced that the individual is the Supa Mega, others argued that the pictures were photoshopped.


As expected, AKA's Twitter mentions were filled with questions about the photos and let's just say the man is unbothered by the entire situation. 


He also went on to mention how ridiculous the story is and that he was not bothered by some people's homophobic slurs at him. But what did bother him is how people believed that he would strip all the way down to his underwear in a club.


In true AKA style, the rapper then posted a picture of legendary Nigerian musician and activist - Fela Kuti who was known to perform in his underwear.

It is said that the late Fela Kuti used to perform in his underwear as a form of protest against the political unrest on the African continent.


A performer who has stripped down to his white underwear is AKA's musical peer -  Burna Boy.


In 2013 during a Felabration performance in tribute to Fela Kuti, the Nigerian artists stripped down to his underwear and explained that he did so as a homage to the late activist/musician.

Check out the video below.

Meanwhile, in 2018, people are still very much enjoying AKA's latest single - Fela in Versace.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@AKAworldwide/@welcometoromesa

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