Steffan Forbes Hints At A Snake

AKA's brother and Nadia Nakai send cryptic messages

By  | Mar 22, 2023, 04:48 PM  | AKA  | Drama

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AKA's brother Steffan Forbes has hinted that there might be a snake but held back in revealing details as to who or what he is talking about. The brother of the slain rapper, delivered a cryptic message telling a snake to "save it."

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While the country tries to connect the dots on what exactly happened with AKA, many are pointing fingers at his friends. His brother Steffan took to Instagram and hinted that he knows of a snake and they should save it.

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Nadia Nakai took to Twitter to post a cryptic message.

Nota took to Twitter to continue pointing fingers at the people he most suspects to have played a role in the death of AKA.

He continued making dangerous accusations and the masses seem to agree with him. This after his bodyguard Dogg said there was a breach in protocol when AKA went to Durban.

Dogg told eNews, "Rules were broken, Kiernan Forbes was called & invited to go on Florida Road, had I been there that protocol would have not been breached. Simply because that call would've came through the ROAD MANAGER."

Nota continues blaming Siya 'Scorpio' Mdluli on the death of AKA, "The reason Siya’s story doesn’t add up is because everybody knows he doesn’t hug AKA… Why would he be saying goodbye to his road manager. The panic has set in & they’re not able to keep up. If there’s one thing about the truth, it’s going nowhere, no matter how compelling a lie!"

"These guys sat & planned to kill their friend & make it look like the in-laws did it… They had to do it quick because the Anele inquest had just been closed so the public needed that narrative to give the Tembes a motive. Ask yourself which friend is pinning it on the in-laws?"

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