Tweeps Left Emotional As They Remember Anele

"Anele was only 21"

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It has been months since the shocking death of Anele Tembe and tweeps are left heartbroken at how the country just moved on from the situation like nothing ever happened. In a lengthy twitter thread, a woman with the handle @ToniWhorrison poked holes in this entire situation and many other users chimed in.

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Anele Tembe allegedly committed suicide when she fell to her death at the Pepperclub hotel in Cape Town. In the hotel room, she was with fiancé AKA who sat down in an interview with Thembekile Mrototo and explained what happened that morning, and a few hours before.

Friends of Anele tried to get "justice" for Anele and released more information about their relationship labelling it toxic. Images and videos caused a media frenzy and that placed AKA in a very negative position.

Not only that, but AKA stating numerous times that Anele was suicidal saw her father speaking at her memorial service saying he does not believe that Anele was suicidal.

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Now, months later Anele's memory still lives on with Tweeps poking holes in everything that went down. "I periodically think about how Anele Tembe's friends released that footage of what her life was like within that relationship with AKA hoping to get some sort of justice for their friend but all that happened is it turned into tabloid fodder.

"That shit was gruesome. And he said "No but SHE was crazy before I even met her" and somehow that visual of him breaking down a door and her screaming "You don't know what he does to me" wasn't seared into people's brains," said a tweep.

The user said AKA moved on with his life like nothing happened and braided his hair after that interview with Thembekile.

"So Anele died naked, in the street, surrounded by strangers. That shit shakes me as a stranger and my heart breaks for her friends who had to know EVERYTHING.

"And then watch the world act like they never said anything. And then watch AKA start collaborating with young niggas because his agemates ba mo tlhoile and do this weird thing now where he's trying to place himself as some sort of cultural grootman."

Concluding her long thread she said, "AKA's feelings may be hurt but she is dead, and if the former matters to you more than the latter that in itself reveals all you need to know about what you're about, as a person."

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Other users chimed in and added their own opinions:

In an interview with Thando Thabethe, AKA said his relationship with Anele is not anybody's business and that he does not want to talk about it any further.

"We have to speak about the elephant in the had a sit down with one of our own Thembekile Mrototo a lot of people felt like you said nothing in the interview," she asked. AKA gave a smug response and asked "so?"

"Do you feel a need to say anything about the incident that happened?" asked Thando, but AKA told her it is not an incident, "You wanna call it an incident this is my life bro. To you it's an incident," he said.

"Speak to us about the experience," said Thando, but he said he does not want to. "Is it something that you are never gonna answer?" she asked but AKA shut her down and said it is none of her business.

"It's nobody's business but my own. It is something that I am living with in my life, it's none of your business."

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