Anele Mdoda Rallies Behind Big Girls With Confidence

Tweeps aint buying it...

By  | Mar 05, 2021, 09:32 AM  | Anele Mdoda  | Drama

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TV host and media personality, Anele Mdoda fired shots this week on Twitter when she slammed society for belittling ‘big women’ who have confidence. She asked: "Why do you expect us to not have confidence?"

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The host of the 94.7 breakfast show began the debate by tweeting: “Only big girls are lauded for being confident. I want to know why you expect us to NOT be confident. You wake up come here and project your low esteem of self on us. Rather keep quiet. The sun will rise and surely set.”
Mdoda’s tweets didn’t sit well with some tweeps who reminded her that she is the last person to be body shaming anyone because she unapologetically called Kelly Rowland ugly.
A tweep tweeted: “Sis, you are the last person to advocate for body positivity, you called Kelly ugly!”

Another tweep replied: "She did it unprovoked cabanga."

Anele didn’t let this slide and stated that she is allowed to have an opinion on who she thinks is beautiful and who isn’t. The radio host also highlighted the fact that big women are not ashamed of their bodies and that they love themselves.  

“You are allowed to think I am not as pretty as Minnie or whoever. Much like I do not think Kelly is as pretty as Beyoncé but what I am saying here is stop calling big girls confident unless you can explain why they should not be. Well done, Anele replied to you. Go forth & conquer.”

A tweep clapped back to Mdoda's tweet: "So you are not just a hypocrite, you are cocky too? “Well done, Anele replied to you” You are overestimating your importance."
Here were more comments from tweeps who agreed and disagreed with Mdoda:

"Big girls are lauded being confident in relation to other "big girls" whom most of time appears to be less confident because of silly comments from general public, which is where we must focus on rather from those who praise big girls for being confident."
"There is such a contradiction in what people do and say. It is exhausting. The same girl who is lauded for being confident will be dragged through the mud for “daring” to be confident and comfortable in her skin. People are exhausting."
"And it really tiresome to keep on correcting them because some people just believe we not happy beings they think we bitter or just negative beings."

Another ZAleb who is constantly slammed for having big-body-confidence is model and influencer, ThickLeeyonce who is also an advocate for big women.

She previously tweeted: “… we all deserve to love our bodies and be comfortable in our skin however, it’s not a secrete that slimmer bodies have more privileges than fat bodies. Fatphobia is systemic hence the start of the body positivity movement.”
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