Anele On Why The V-Class Incident Triggered Her

She speaks about her own experiences

By  | Nov 24, 2021, 05:11 PM  | Anele Mdoda  | Drama

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The viral clip of a man kicking a woman out from his car sparked some outrage on social media which ultimately birthed a debate on who was in the wrong,  between the man or the woman. At first Khanyi Mbau got dragged in it because tweeps praised her for leaving a man in Dubai without telling him. The very same people were slamming the man saying he is endangering the man life.

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The man scolds the woman and tells her to leave his car but she keeps on apologising. He then proceeds to pull her out from his car and the video ends. This sparked outrage with women bashing the man for wanting to leave the woman stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Now, Anele Mdoda has spoken about how the clip triggered her as it reminded her of her toxic relationship with an ex.

Anele recounted some scarring memories of how her ex would tell her to get out of his f****g house every time they had disagreements. She said the ex did not care about who she was or how many zeros were in her bank account.

"That V-class video is triggering to me because I dated a man who would tell me to “get the f**k out of MY house “ EVERYTIME we disagreed or fought. It did not matter how much money I had or how I basically looked after the home… that is what I was reduced to. Just be kind guys," she advises.

She then said he asked her one day to leave his house, and she did.

Anele then gives a bit of context to her tweets, "Point is V-Class, I didn’t ask myself to move in and I don’t think that lady invited herself into the car. Not saying girl was not wrong nor am I saying I was innocent in my fights with my ex but when the good times run out, it’s a good time to rely on your manners, if you have any."

Anele once revealed that she got into  car accident and revealed Cassper's sneakers saved her ankle.

Speaking at her breakfast show on 947 Johannesburg, she narrated how the incident took place whilst standing at the OR Tambo international airport waiting for her boyfriend, “I am, waiting to get picked up [by my boyfriend] and now I’m standing where everyone is standing, waiting to get picked up. The next thing, I feel the biggest pressure forcing me to the ground. It is the most bizarre feeling, so I think ‘oh I’m getting mugged’, so I turn to grab whoever is mugging me,” she revealed.

“Then I’m on the floor and I’m wondering what is going on. The next thing I feel my right foot is just stuck. I’m trying to move it, but it’s stuck. Now I can’t move my entire body, but there’s something on top of me. Guys, did I not get hit by a car!” she said.

She even commended the shoe's quality, “It was a Cassper Nyovest 990, I actually called him yesterday and told him to listen to the show today. It’s got quite a sole and that’s why the car couldn’t climb onto it. The shoe is that strong.”

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