Is Anele Mdoda The Biggest Bully On Twitter?

Black Twitter has dragged her mercilessly

By  | Feb 24, 2022, 07:25 AM  | Anele Mdoda  | Drama

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It was just recently when Mzansi woke up to the shocking news that well acclaimed rapper Riky Rick had passed on from suicided. 

As you can already imagine, friends, family and fellow industry mates and the entertainment industry is still reeling from this news, as many confirm that depression is yet another pandemic that is claiming the lives of many in Mzansi.

One of the celebrities that responded to the news was media personality Anele Mdoda. Even before the death of Riky Rick had been announced Anele had slammed those who use trending hashtags to promote their own businesses. 

And now that the late Riky Rick was a trending topic on Twitter, many hopped on the trend to also promote their products and businesses. Later on, Anele came back to tweet saying, “But carry on guys. Carry on like you do” 

Now while it may have seemed that Anele was putting those who were using Riky Rick’s death for their own selfish reasons on blast, Black twitter has decided to put her on blast, terming her as one of the biggest bullies on Twitter. 

In fact, Black Twitter is accusing her for being one of the reasons Twitter is such a toxic place. 

According to them, Anele needs to be the last person tweeting about how people are being hurt and getting depressed because of twitter, when she is the one who is allegedly bullying people half of the time. 

As if that is not enough, they have even brought up the beef she had with Kelly Rowland when she said that she was not prettier than Beyoncé. If you can remember, many seemed to believe that Anele was perpetrating colorism, hence her comments. 

Clearly, Black twitter has decided that they will not forget her past sins and have dragged her mercilessly. Anele has not wasted any time to explain what her tweet meant exactly and tweeps quite frankly don’t care. 

We may not know what triggered Riky Rick’s suicide, and even if it really was cyber bullying as many seem to think, it’s a shame to see how Anele has been dragged into the mess of it all. 

Her loyal fans have shown up to defend her but all that is nothing when almost all of Black Twitter is also bullying her shamelessly. 

One thing is for sure, Black twitter has ensured that sooner or later, Anele will have to pay for the many times she has dragged fellow industry mates. Hectic! 

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