Tweeps Won't Forget About Anele Shading Kelly Rowland

Some things just won't die down

By  | Aug 04, 2020, 08:38 AM  | Anele Mdoda  | Drama

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A while ago media personality Anele Mdoda shared her opinion on American singer Kelly Rowland's looks and whilst the moment had blown over it seems it has not.

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Anele Mdoda Gets Dragged on Twitter

Her comments were not well received and black twitter and American twitter made sure to make sure she knew.

Anele's comments landed her the centre of quite the social media drag moment but she stood her ground and remained unshaken.

Now for some reason, the moment has been brought back up on social media following the screening of Beyonce's visual film Black Is King. Tweeps couldn't help but mention Kelly under Anele's tweets.

The 947 Joburg Breakfast Club host
is never one to let a few comments on social media get to her and is known to be quite the clapback queen on the timeline.

Anele shared a WhatsApp screengrab of a conversation, where a person said "If only Kelly Rowland "fans" were as obsessed with her as much as they're obsessed with you neh".

Anele captioned the post with "She would literally be the next Beyonce" and had several laughing emojis.

Her tweet of course ruffled feathers and tweeps let her know that they are her fans before they are Kelly's but "shaming another woman is not ideal".

One tweep went as far as suggesting that Anele should be removed from the Miss SA judging panel as she is "obsessed with sticking to her point when she was clearly WRONG". Some tweeps actually agreed and said that Anele could have simply admitted her being wrong.

Do you think Anele should be removed from the Miss SA judging panel or should tweeps get over themselves?

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