Saudi Calls Out #FakeNews

Saudi didn't say what he was accused of saying...

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Anele "Saudi" Mbisha  | Drama

Ambitiouz Entertainment rapper, Saudi, is not at all happy with a recent article in DRUM online which claimed that starring on the Black Panther soundtrack did "nothing" for his actual career.

Saudi has been hard at work on his upcoming SENAOANE mixtape so you can imagine how surprised he was to see him being quoted in an article with words he can't remember saying...

The article in question appeared to be an interview that spoke at length about how Kendrick Lamar and TDE got in touch to recruit him for the Black Panther Soundtrack, and how he recorded and sent his verses for the song 'X', which also featured Schoolboy Q and 2Chainz.

However, the "interview" took a turn for the worst as Saudi was quoted as saying:

“It felt good knowing I’m part of something that successful. I didn’t have any high expectations but the whole experience was a positive shift in my career. I’m just saying the album didn’t do anything for me. And Kendrick didn’t have to do anything for me – he’s not my father."

This interview, coming out in the same week that Busiswa and Moonchild had collaborated with Beyonce, drew the spotlight on just how beneficial international collaborations are for our artists in the long run. The interview also saw Saudi open up about dealing drugs in his past life.

It was insightful, interesting and engaging, until we found out it might not be real -if you believe Saudi's latest Twitter post.

The young rapper took to social media to share a screenshot of the DRUM article before claiming that it was "all lies" and captioning it "Big Cap" (Cap is rap lingo for "lies")

A number of his fans suggested he take legal action while this article, if indeed fabricated, drew the spotlight back on the state of journalism in South Africa right now.

Saudi also corrected the article's suggestion that he dealt and used drugs in the past. He accused the publication of "misconstruing" him before sharing the actual lyrics to one of the tracks from DRUGS inc, his previous album:

DRUM Magazine has yet to respond to his allegations but Saudi appears to be quite adamant that the contents of the article he was quoted in are fake. The real question here is: if they are fake, who gave these comments to the publication?

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