Anga Makubalo denies assaulting guard

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Anga Makubalo  | Drama

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Anga Makubalo is hitting back at claims he and two of his friends assaulted a security guard.  

The Sunday Sun reported that Anga, also known as Naakmusiq, was involved in an altercation at his complex in Northcliff. 

The singer and his buddies allegedly assaulted the guard when he went over to Anga’s house after receiving a noise complaint. 

“MJ and his friends gave Musa a beating. MJ was swearing at us. He said we were underpaid and he could pay us to be his watchdogs for a whole year,” a guard told the paper.

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But Anga’s management have denied he assaulted anyone. 

While the singer says residents did report him for making noise a day after he had a party, he claims the guard made the assault up, and is facing disciplinary action for lying. 

He admitted that they did confront the guard about not giving them a warning during the party, as is the norm, but vehemently denied touching the man. 

After leaving the violence free confrontation, Anga claims, through his statement, that the guard called armed response claiming they beat him up.

Mmm, are we the only ones confused by this story? 

Image credit: Instagram/ Anga Makubalo

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