Ann Malinga's farewell message to husband - Robbie Malinga

Ann touches many hearts with her letter to the love of her life.

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When the news broke of Robbie Malinga's death many people sent out their thoughts and prayers to especially Robbie Malinga's wife & their two kids.

And even though Robbie Malinga left too soon, Ann was fortunate enough to spend her last days with her husband at a beautiful resort in the Maldives in November.

Ann Malinga

Many spoke touching words about the late musician but none was as touching as Ann's farewell message to the love of her life.

Here's her letter to her late husband:

"To my dearest husband, my lover my best friend, the best father to our children. Two hearts once beat together and now one beats all alone. I've shed many tears since I lost you, many more will continue to fall because I lost a good man in you. 

You had a special talent of bringing meaning to life, you helped me to grow and realize the fullness and the beauty that comes with life's challenges. Thank you for teaching me the importance of building and sustaining friendships, selflessness, staying humble and most importantly respecting our marriage by keeping it private and always protecting me and the kids. 

My heart is broken into a million tiny pieces but I count my blessings for the years we spent. I will play to the sweet memories that bring you near but lead to silence and tears. The other day with tears falling down my face I laughed at what you used to say to me."

Robbie Malinga and Ann Malinga

Ann mentioned how Robbie used to tease her and say that she was ugly but the minute she started dating him she became beautiful.

"...and the minute we started dating I became beautiful, therefore I should never think of leaving you as I would be a lonely ugly woman because you did the magic to my looks. I wish I could touch you again without bringing back the pain just to feel your presence but I know one day we'll meet and be happier together. 

You made marriage such a precious institute by just loving, respecting, protecting, providing and allowing me to be myself. My love, we both know I tried every possible thing to save your precious life but God had a better plan. With tearful eyes I watched you slowly fade away yet you remained positive & encouraged to live your life and you encouraged me to stop worrying about you because God was bigger than cancer. 

My life is not the same and will never be the same without you. I have lost a soulmate in you but heaven gained an angel. I say an angel because of your forgiving heart, the love you gave, patience, your faithfulness and your genuine nature. Thank you for always protecting my heart, for putting me and the kids first and leaving this earth with a clean image that your kids will forever be proud to say 'That was my father.'

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Robbie Malinga

"There are no words to explain what an amazing husband and father you were thank you for two most precious gifts you left me with - Robbie Jnr & Zamokuhle. Thank you for being our source of love, comfort and joy, I married a good man in you and you will always and forever be a part of me.

I love you. Rest In Peace my love."

Robbie Malinga was laid to rest on the 2nd of January 2018 at the Westpark Cemetery in Johannesburg.

Kelly Khumalo also performed a moving tribute to the late musician and producer.

Robbie Malinga's tombstone.

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