Asanda Reportedly Fired From Gomora

A source claims that she was fired via WhatsApp

By  | Aug 18, 2022, 06:26 AM  | Drama

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Johannesburg, South Africa – according to several reports actress Bukiwe Keva who stars as Asanda in Mzansi Magic’s telenovela Gomora has been fired from the drama.

According to City Press, close friends of the informed the publication that the production company fired her after she failed to pitch for a shoot on set. 

“She missed a shoot and she told them that she did not come to set because she was feeling sick. She provided them with a doctor’s note which shows that she was sick on the day,” the source told the publication.

“They sent her a text on Monday saying that she must not come. It was sad because she was at home and recovering when she received the text message. She was treated unfairly, and she is devastated.”

Addressing the matter Seriti films told Kaya FM that “Bukiwe’s contract was that of a call actor. Her character was story dependent and the storyline came to an end. Bukiwe was lovely to work with and we wish her all the best.”

Buhle Exits Gomora In The Most Painful Way

As the quest to find Buhle continued last week Friday on Gomora, Mam Sonto found a promising lead after receiving a call from her granddaughter.

After escaping death and a paedophile truck driver, she managed to run until she got to a nearby road and found a lift to Gomora.

The driver dropped Buhle off at Gomora taxi rank. Hoping to find someone she knew who could take her home, she was forcefully taken by a guy working for Qhoqhoqho.

After a tireless search, Buhle was found while Qho was trying to drive away with her. Obviously, Mam Sonto was not going to let them take her again - she shot the thug and Buhle saw it as a chance to escape. 

Unfortunately, she was shot on her back and fell to her death. Leaving Thati, who lost another child in Langa broken and inconsolable.

This episode was triggering for many South Africans as it highlights the crime and brutality citizens face each day.

Nandi Khubone who plays Sibongile in Gomora bid Ama Qamata farewell.


Brilliant performance angel. It has been such a privilege working with you & God knows we’ll be on the same set again one day but for now, I am inspired by your growth and dedication. You served Buhle very well. Keep souring.

Why Zolisa Xaluva Left Gomora

The shocking departure of Zolisa Xaluva who portrayed the much-loved character of Melusi on Gomora, left viewers devastated.

According to various media reports, Xalusa was shown the door after not seeing eye to eye with the producers of the show, but he has finally set the record straight.

According to TshisaLIVE, the actor hinted at a possible comeback.

He said his current project made it difficult to kill two birds with one stone. He revealed that writing mistakes were made and said they are looking forward to the possibility of his return.

“We decided to put a reset button on the character. Melusi drifted from being an upstanding member of society and became a philanderer. Writing mistakes were made like the character development was inconsistent with the principles and gains acquired in season 1.


"The story of his imprisonment is a chance at redemption. The departure has been amiable and we all look forward to the possibility of a return,” he told the publication.

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