Tweeps accuse Babalwa Mneno of being a pimp

The Queen of glam responds to being labelled a pimp 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Babalwa Mneno  | Drama

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Babalwa Mneno

It's become very difficult to be a woman in South Africa. With the increasing violence towards women, one would assume that their safe space is amongst other women. 

Unfortunately, with theses new accusations of women selling off other women, it's become even scarier. Babalwa Mneno is one of the ladies who have been accused of being part of a sex trafficking ring, the beauty took to Twitter to clear her name. This all began when the controversial Twitter account posted a screenshot of a conversation he was allegedly having on Whatsapp with a source citing Babalwa Mneno as a pimp. 

Barbs took to Twitter to brush the accusations off in the best manner possible.

She went further, even citing how not so long ago she was the very same person who was exposing the ladies who were DM'ing her, trying to get 'pimped' out.

She even took a light hearted approach to the whole situation, stating that if she was, she'd probably be swimming in money..

...and she would make sure that no one ever actually found out.

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