Tweeps Mop The Floor With Minnie Dlamini

There is no hiding from this

By  | Dec 04, 2021, 11:17 AM  | Minnie Dlamini  | Drama

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If there is one thing Mzansi has learnt after the expose on Jub Jub, it’s that tweeps are ready and willing to come at anyone who tries to shade MacG and his podcast. According to tweeps, MacG is simply giving his fans what they want, by helping to reveal some of the deepest darkest secrets that many zalebs have hiding in their closets.

Now, while many have not shied away from expressing their dislike for the podcast, it seems TV presenter and media personality Minnie Dlamini has hit a nerve with her comments on MacG’s podcast.

Taking to her Twitter, Minnie wrote, “The Mac G and Jub Jub podcast is the most degrading piece of content I wish I never consumed. I couldn’t even finish it! You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. Women can’t be spoken about like this and it’s condoned?! Do better!!!” 

What Minnie had not seen coming was when tweeps decided to come at her for how ‘boring’ her show is. According to tweeps, Minnie has no place judging or speaking ill of MacG’s podcast because they too had had to endure her ‘trash’ presenting on her soccer show, and not once did they shade her for it.

Not only that, tweeps are saying that the reason they watch MacG and not her, is because at least they know that Podcast and Chill is not scripted as compared to her scripted tv show. Talk about Black Twitter being the ghetto!!

Something else that has come up from the thread, is tweeps calling out Minnie’s double standards, saying that if it was a woman saying what Jub Jub said, the media personality would never have thrown shade at MacG’s podcast.

Remember that one time Zodwa Wabantu had revealed that she was having casual s3x with Thabo Smol on Lasizwe’s Truth or Drink? Well, tweeps have decided to resurface that incident and use it against Minnie Dlamini.

Tweeps are asking, why no one said anything negative about what Zodwa had said. Instead, everyone had laughed it off and made jokes about it and it was never regarded as a disrespectful or degrading comment. So why does it matter so much when a man says it? When Jub Jub uses the word “smash” to describe what happened between him and Amanda? 

Tweeps have also not forgotten how Sizwe Dhlomo’s career was almost ruined when his former colleague, Unathi Nkayi had allegedly lied about being verbally insulted by Sizwe. In the same manner, would Amanda have spoken if Jub Jub had not said what he said on the podcast? 

On the other hand, should have Minnie really kept quiet on how she really felt about the whole situation?

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