Babes' Haters Eat Humble Pie

Her lawyers served those haters with papers

By  | Sep 02, 2021, 04:35 PM  | Babes Wodumo  | Drama

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Last week Babes Wodumo had enough of the BS and decided to lawyer up against the internet trolls. She demanded apologies from several trolls who mocked her marriage with Mampintsha, adding their son into the mix saying he is not the real father. DJ Tira also got dragged into this mess because people alleged that Babes and him were Spontshi's real parents.

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Of course they had no real evidence to back their claims, it was just a little trolling on their side and that angered Babes who decided to deal with them legally. Babes sued the following people on Facebook: Mse Gde, Qhawekazi 'Lamashenge' Sondiya, Nothando Nkosi, Mlungisikhumbulani Zulu, Philile Ngubane, Nokzola Bossladi and many others.

Another troll by the name of Miss Tshiamo Ntshudisane, mocked Babes' appearance, "When you were still Babes Wodumo. Look at you now Geeuuu Wodumo." She too felt the heat.

Babes only posted pictures of her and Tira in celebration of his birthday but people got the wrong idea. She angrily clapped back and said, "All the time y'all say Tira is my baby daddy, what about his wife (Gugu Khathi), what is she saying about this sh*t you talk about. You guys make me mad sometimes, honestly. I you do not know what you want to say, leave please," she said.

After a week of not getting any apology or retraction from the trolls, Babes moved onto another gear and decided to serve them letters publicly. One person did come through and apologise to Babes, Mampintsha, Sponge, DJ Tira and his wife Gugu Khathi, on video saying he regrets his actions and retracted.

Babes then accepted Mlungisikhumbulani Zulu's apology.

Babes also angered a lot of social media users when she dissed absent fathers and mother's who are raising their children single handedly. She asked them why did they give birth at such young ages. She also told them to not compare themselves to her adding that she is married and should not be taken lightly.

"You see this thing of crying about your baby daddy who left you, don't do that with me. I got married then I had a child so don't compare yourselves with me. Do not compare your baby daddies with me. This has nothing to do with me.

"Your baby daddy made your pregnant then left you with the baby, I wonder why you gave birth at a very young age. So I don't want nothing to do with that," she said while dancing.

Following the backlash, Babes did not care about what people had to say about her and her sentiments, but made it clear who she was addressing. "I can see a bunch of you are touched by that video. I was only answering those who get offended every time I make a Live video and they tell me how to raise my kid. "Why are you drinking when you are a mother?" "Mampintsha is going to leave you," “It will end in tears," Why such long nails when you call yourself a mom," etc. I have my own money I can do whatever I want in any way I want. My child is my child, you cannot compare a baby daddy, and a husband," she said.

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