Tira Blames Partygoers For Recklessness

He says people should know better

By  | Aug 02, 2021, 03:20 PM  | DJ Tira  | Drama

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DJ Tira remains unshaken by the outrage on Twitter following a video of him entertaining a mask-less crowd goes viral. Tweeps got angered by the fact that Tira is always part of the same group of people in the industry, who always cry to government about how hungry they are when the President announces stricter lockdown regulations which bar large gatherings such as clubs.

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Last weekend marked the first one ever since Cyril Ramaphosa moved the country to lockdown level 3. As expected, social media was not going to be impressed by this because numerous videos were going to be shared by partygoers who did not practice social distancing as well as wearing masks.

The one which angered social media users was a video of DJ Tira performing at a crowd completely disregarding COVID-19 regulations. Tira shared the video thanking the crowd for rocking to his set, "A big thank you to everyone that showed up at Cosmopolitan Lounge last nite! Another banger from #RockstarForever feat Nicole Elocin and Darksilver - #SceluMoya."

He deleted the video after receiving backlash but people saved it as well as screenshots from the video and circulated it. Many have been calling for his arrest but he is not apologising for any wrongdoing in his part.

In fact, Tira shifts the blame to partygoers who do not follow protocols. He even added that he is not the event organiser neither does he own the club.

Sharing a picture of him wearing his mask, Tira wrote, "While (you are) yap yapping about my name don't forget I don't own a venue, I'm a Dj I get booked to come and perform, get paid and go home. Be responsible and remove yourself from places that may be a danger to your health. Makoya Bearings #RockstarForever 21 Years of greatness."

People however did not buy his excuse and schooled him on taking responsibility.

"That's like a drug dealer saying I don't manufacture drugs and I don't force people to buy, it is your responsibility as an adult not to let people hire you to act in criminality. You know the regulations 50 people and less are allowed to gather, you see more than that you can decline to play."

"Be that as it may , by posting the video you might have ruined business for the venue though. Just take ownership of the posting part malume. It was irresponsible of you."

"There were so many packed venues this past weekend, with their favorites DJs performing there but they choose to criticize you only."

"Makoya Bearing yokunuka, you should have thought of that before you become selective when it comes to speaking about things that concerns society. Our brothers and sisters were slaughtered in #PhoenixMassacre and you were not as vocal as you are about the vaccine."

Speaking about being responsible, Tira once promoted the vaccine but received backlash. He said people would not be allowed to enter his Fact Durban Rocks event if they do not get vaccinated.

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