Babes Wodumo Under Fire For Going All 'Asian'

Her Tik Tok video has landed her in hot soup

By  | Jan 10, 2022, 11:41 AM  | Babes Wodumo  | Drama

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This past week has undoubtedly been one of the most hectic weeks for Babes Wodumo after she continued topping trends for all the wrong reasons. This time it seems it’s nothing different and Mzansi is left to wonder when all the hate making rounds about her will come to an end.

Taking to her Instagram, Babes recently shared a video from a Tik Tok challenge that helps you see how you would like in a different race. For Babes she chose to see how he’d look as an Asian and now, tweeps have decided that they will not let her rest.

While many have commented on how beautiful and dazzling she looks others have just decided to drag her while they are at it. It seems that tweeps are not all too pleased that Babes took part in the challenge to begin with.

They are saying that such challenges just encourage women to follow in the footsteps of Khanyi Mbau who, as you know, decided to bleach her skin and forego her black skin. 

They are also saying that she looks beautiful and clean in this video which of course begs the question, are these people saying that Babes is not beautiful unless she uses a filter? Well, it seems so. 

Tweeps have also decided to bring up the beef she had with Makhadzi not too long ago saying that the reason people are hating on her video is because she is naturally beautiful unlike Makhadzi who still has to put on make up and still won’t match up to Babes beauty.

But despite what many are saying about Babes, it is good to see her fans show up to rubbish whatever hate and ill intended comment by trolls and haters alike, saying that Babes has always been beautiful only that her personality may sometimes make her seem otherwise. 

Babes and Makhadzi had not too long ago gotten into one hot beef after Babes had accused Makhadzi of stealing her man. At first, Makahdzi had let the whole issue slide. But after Baes decided to push her agenda even further, Makahdzi was not late to slam Babes’ claims and put her in her place.

This was not the first time the two artists have gone head to head with each other and many are left to wonder whether it would be the last. 

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