3 Timeless Black Coffee Clapbacks

He once mocked a child living with albinism

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Black Coffee is not one to be messed with because his clapbacks are always lethal. The DJ does not have time to be nursing other people's feelings especially if someone comes at him sideways.

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Whether it is someone who comes for his pricey clothes or his marital status he is always ready to strike. We take a look at some of the priceless clap backs from the internationally renowned DJ.

Tweep who mocked his marital status

Black Coffee and Enhle Mbali's marriage has hit the lowest of lows especially when they took jabs at each other on social media. Enhle accused Black Coffee of cutting their electricity bill whilst she and her sons were wide awake.

Black Coffee called her out on Twitter and told her that her accusations are false.

He then posted a picture of himself playing at a gig in Moskova when a troll asked him if he managed to settle the electricity bill. Black Coffee then pulled a 'This You?' on the man and asked why he wants to intervene because he cannot even afford a 2L bottle of Oros.
A child living with albinism

The child's mother decided to mock Black Coffee who was still battling his estranged wife Enhle Mbali. Instead of directly attacking the woman, Black Coffee decided to come after the woman's child who is living with albinism.

"Mas'dlaleni uTwitter, who's trending today, who's falling, who are we trolling, who's marriage are we having opinions on, who's trash who's not, who are we canceling, like God who are we judging, who's relationship is falling apart while ours is perfect, who's not perfect. Masimhlekeni," asked Coffee.

The mother responded by saying people just want to laugh, but she was never ready for his response, "Laugh at what exactly? looking at your account, would you laugh when people make jokes about your kid being albino?"

After facing backlash Coffee refused to apologise, "So u people can make jokes about my family and my disability, do you have any idea how dreadful it has been and the trauma of my accident then I must turn the other cheek and be a bigger person while being insulted...now I must apologize for asking a simple question," he responded.
Tweeps who stay lurking at his price tags

Coffee is known for rocking the most expensive clothes and whenever he posts a recognisable clothing item, tweeps dig up the price of the item. He rocked an expensive turtleneck just recently which costs $3,300.00 which is a whopping 45k in Rands.

Everything gets scrutinised, from his sneakers to his hoodies and t-shirts, but Coffee does not appreciate the gesture.

"Imagine dating a guy who’s always checking other men’s clothes price tags," he clapped back.
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