The King Of Clapbacks Strikes Again

This troll will not try Black Coffee ever again

By  | Nov 22, 2021, 05:41 PM  | Black Coffee  | Drama

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Black Coffee has made it clear that he has no time for trolls and will not hesitate to give a hot clap back should they step on his toes. The world renowned DJ did not appreciate a troll telling him who to spend his time with after he clearly stated that he wants to spend some time with the King of France Louis XIV AKA Louis the Great or the Sun King.

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In a social media post, Black Coffee wrote, “Got to hang out with Louis XIV.” A tweep by the handle @MbomvuAndileh said he should rather hang out with local heroes such as Shaka Zulu and others.

”When are u going to hang out with aboShaka Zulu and yo Walter Sisulu , telling us about Louis , who da f**k is Louis.”

Black Coffee clapped back and said, “Question is, who the f*ck are you to tell me what to do?”

Just a few days ago Black Coffee got appreciated by a fan who admired him dearly. "It is amazing that you have emerged beyond everything that has attempted to destroy you Grootman. That is inspirational enough. We really needed you in Music industry to play your healing role. Phila ngona phakade Mkhuluwa."

He also thanked himself for not giving up on his dreams, "Nkosinathi. Thank you for not giving up Ntwana," he wrote.

Black Coffee might be the King Of Clapbacks, but his ex-wife Enhle Mbali Mlothswa gave him a taste of his own medicine when she clapped back at him during their gazillion social media fights.

"The last 3 years have been testing. Emotionally, physically and mentally. I have been through so many life changes and I’m grateful as the universe continues to show me my greatness , even when it was being viciously striped away from me, and none existent finish lines were being drawn on the ground and removed just before I reach them, the spirit of hopelessness would knock at my door reminding me of my unhappiness." read part of her post.

After that Black Coffee went on his Instagram stories and said, "Seek help....please" with a praying hands emoji and the heart emoji.

Enhle then went in hard and said, "Let’s laugh some more. Dear bitter people we have healed look behind you and seek help.... Good night."

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