“These People Are Stealing Songs We Paid For” - Ambitiouz Entertainment

Ambitiouz hits back at backlash over Danya Dev debut album sabotage.

By  | May 24, 2023, 12:19 PM  | Blaq Diamond   | Drama

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Blaq Diamond has found itself as the latest target by its former contentious record label Ambitiouz Entertainment. This is as it seems that what was initially touted as an amicable split back in 2021 between the duo and the record label is anything but.

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Initially, Ambitiouz had taken the duo to court over what it touted as the illegal termination of their working contract allegedly. However, even after Blaq Diamond won this battle, it seems that the record label is still in its petty era as it continues to do everything to sabotage the duo’s independent music career. 

“These people are stealing songs we paid for” - Ambitiouz Entertainment

Recently, Ambitiouz Entertainment sabotaged the debut release album of one-half of Blaq Diamond, Danya Devs. As reported at the time: 

Currently, Blaq Diamond was on the promotional trail towards the release of one-half of the duo, Danya Dev’s debut album. The album was promoted with the teaser of the release of the title and lead single Inkosi yo Shuni. This was meant to be the first solo single the artist released on Wednesday, 24 May 2023.

However, it seems that Ambitiouz opted to be petty as it took to Twitter to confirm that it has made the album available via digital streaming platforms a day ahead of the single’s release. 
In light of the backlash, Ambitiouz returned to social media to “explain” the decision to sabotage Danya’s debut album. As such, it cited that the decision was payback for Blaq Diamond allegedly stealing one of their first independent singles after leaving the record label, Qoma, featuring Big Zulu and Siya Ntuli.
Despite their stance, the comments seemed to reiterated the fact that the record label is never beating the allegations of being exploitative and petty when artists want to leave after realising this fact.
Moreover, it would seem that Danya Devs has opted for the high road. Or it could be that he had no legal recourse to fight Ambitiouz following their “official” release of what was meant to be his debut album. 

As such, Danya took to Instagram to affirm that he has scrapped the release of his debut single which was the title track of what was meant to be his debut album.

In light of this fact, he has asserted that he is now set to release a new single. In his caption, he sent a cheeky message back to Ambitiouz making it clear that he is not phased. Moreover, his newly released debut single is now titled iCareer, which was not part of the album.

The music video for the single is scheduled for release on Wednesday, 24 May 2023, at 18:00 on YouTube. 
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