Oscar Mbo Catches Strays Over Kabza’s Alleged Luxury Designer Snobbery

This comes as a viral video of Kabza “judging” designer labels goes viral.

By  | May 24, 2023, 12:49 PM  | Kabza De Small  | Drama

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In the past four years and counting Kabelo “Kabza de Small” Motha has asserted himself as the leading voice and pioneer in the Amapiano music scene in South Africa. So much so, it is uncontested that he is the reigning “king of Amapiano.”

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But it seems that the one half of the popular duo Scorpion Kings with DJ Maphorisa is not immune to receiving backlash on social media. More so as it seems that his fans are waiting for new music from the producer-DJ that has seemingly taken a break from releasing music. 

As such, the recent viral video featuring Kabza seemed to have resulted in backlash which has again highlighted the selective and arguably biassed outrage social media loves to project on Twitter specifically. Unfortunately, to prove its point, Kabza’s fans dragged Oscar Mbo into the matter. 

Oscar Mbo catches strays over Kabza's alleged luxury designer snobbery

On Tuesday, 23 May 2023, a now-viral video of Kabza de Small partying with his entourage was shared on the blue app. In the video, Kabza is seen judging one of his entourage for not wearing what is assumed as a luxury designer bomber jacket as he is seen wearing  a luxury designer brand himself.
Initially, the video drew laughs from Kabza’s fans who are well versed in his comical personality. 

However, there were those that accused him of snobbery and that his entourage would not take him to task because he is the Kabza de Small. 
As such, it was not long, until the debate faired on the app on whether the backlash was warranted. This is as Oscar Mbo has continually been trolled on the app for allegedly wearing fake luxury designer brands by the same commentators that are ridiculing Kabza de Small. 
Oscar Mbo has continually been the but of allegedly wearing fake designer brands. As reported recently: 

The DJ and podcaster was recently exposed on Twitter for allegedly wearing a fake Bottega Veneta t-shirt. He shared a photo on Instagram of himself in the t-shirt, obviously flaunting the brand, which is definitely meant as a flex to show fans that he can afford and regularly rocks expensive designer clothes. 

But one social media user is apparently a little more petty than most, and took it upon themselves to authenticate this man’s outfit. 
Screenshots shared by a popular entertainment blogger show an unnamed person contacting the brand’s customer care via email. They sent the photo that Oscar posted, and asked the brand whether they have the t-shirt in their collection. 

The customer care responded, saying no, they do not have the item in their collection, which apparently proves that the t-shirt was fake. It is unclear who the person behind the email was and where the blogger got the screenshot, but the story blew up on Twitter either way. 

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