Is Phil Mphela Shading Lupi Ngcayisa?

Phil threw subs but tweeps helped piece together the story.

By  | Aug 30, 2020, 01:21 PM  | Bob Mabena  | Drama

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It seems there is no love lost between Phil Mphela and former Metro FM personality and radio broadcaster, Lupi Ngcayisa, if Twitter has its facts right.

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It all started when Phil took to Twitter and created a whole thread going in on an unnamed personality that “has the audacity to play victim claiming people sabotaged his career.” This was the first line of the five posts long series of tweets going for blood. And while the first post was already spicy and filled with drama the following slides did not disappoint. 

In the series of posts that created the thread, Phil goes on to not only troll the unnamed media personality but shames that for attempting to discredit the memory of the late Bob Mabena.  While he is not named explicitly in the thread, the can only be one “hero that just died.”  But let us start with the backstory to contextualize Phil’s thread properly. 

For 2000s, we have to go way back. In the early 2000s there was a popular media personality called, Lupi Ngcayisa. Think if Somizi was a popular radio personality that dabbled in television. Lupi during the height of career worked at the biggest radio stations including Metro FM, and later at Inkwenkwezi FM. But one day he faded, and now the only times we seem mentions of him is during reruns of Selimathunzi on SABC Encore. 

The former popular personality seemed to have taken to Twitter following the passing of broadcasting legend, Bob Mabena, to get a few things off his chest. In his tweet he details his departure from Metro FM writing, “One day you learn how the people I love and still love plotted and worked me out of Metro FM. Including the hero that just died.” Although he didn't mention Bob Mabena people were found asking themselves if the shade was directed at the late radio icon. I mean… drama!

In a follow up tweet to the one that shades everyone, Lupi does throw an olive branch. He thanks the people he believes had his back including the Naked DJ and Melanie Bala, which at least provided some positivity. 
While his tweet did not get any shine because who works to discredit the memory of the dead, and also who is checking for Lupi? Phil’s subliminal thread going in on Lupi and suggesting that he is victim playing certainly got tweeps wondering who this could be, and Taka Tina did not waster time leading tweeps in the right direction.

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