Boity And Anton Breakup Rumours Are Just

Seems the businesswoman is in hot trouble for dabbling in influencing.

By  | Feb 16, 2023, 08:05 AM  | Boitumelo "Boity" Thulo  | Drama

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Boity Thulo is a media personality turned fully-fledged businesswoman. So much so that Thulo rarely does any television or direct entertainment jobs anymore. The only times that the personality is seen in the streets is when she is either promoting Moet, Huawei, or her own businesses including BT Signature.

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While Boity might be booked and busy in terms of entertainment gigs, from looking at the most followed ZAlebs Instagram account in South Africa, it is clear that she is rich. Therefore, when she attempted to leverage her social media pull to influence her followers onto crypto it seemed to rub people the wrong way. 

This is as it seems that Boity is the latest ZAlebs to join the Octafx influencer roster. As such, when her promotional post landed on Twitter, tweeps were quick to point out that they know that Boity did not earn her wealth from OctaFX. As such, she should not use her influence to “lie” to her followers.
But it was the allegations that she had split from her long-term boyfriend, Anton Jefta, that had many talking and mostly not for the right reasons. 

Boity and Anton breakup rumours are just that

Boity and Anton Jefta have been an item publicly for over two years now. However, it is believed that behind the scenes, the couple has been dating for almost four years. While the couple has maintained their privacy except for a couple’s post every now and then. 

For the most part, their relationship has remained outside of the public eye. A fact which also seems to allow for unfounded allegations to be spread about their relationship. This time, there were allegations that the couple had broken up due to “insecurities” in the relationship.
This is off the back of earlier rumours from the same publication alleging that: 

This is not the first time the pair has sparked breakup rumours. As of late, the two of them have been dropping hints on social media that there is trouble in paradise between the two.

According to Zimoja Lezinto, the reason why the air has broken is that Anton had many insecurities. A source told the publication that Anton could not keep up with Boity's over-the-top lifestyle.

“Boity does not come cheap, from her eating to the jewelry she wears, it can be intimidating to an artist who is just working,” added the source." The relationship was apparently under a lot of pressure from many people.

Seeing as Anton is an actor and model, and Boity’s previous utterances as to what she expects a man to provide financially. It seems the public opinion was swayed to believe that their “breakup” was due to Boity being disappointed by her man’s bank balance.
However, there were some comments that were just elated that Boity was single again. This is as Boity still remains one of the hottest and sought-after female personalities. This could do with the shape of her body, which despite changing with time, it seems like it is all for the better.

But it seems that Boity and Anton are still going strong. This is as despite having not posted joint images in a while, Anton and Boity continue to support each other by always commenting on each other’s posts. A fact which indicates that the rumours are fake and meant to just push engagement on the blue app. 
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