Fans Call On Boity To Defend Mzansi

The war has nothing on our sangomas

By  | Feb 25, 2022, 08:51 AM  | Boitumelo "Boity" Thulo  | Drama

Boity Thulo
There is some tension creeping up all around the world, and everybody is getting anxious about a potential world war. Now, as our very own government asserts its position against Russia, and citizens have started to worry that we may be landing on the super power’s bad side, Mzansi is calling on its powerful sangomas, starting with Boity Thulo, to defend us all from the perceived threat. 
The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, has been making headlines for about a month now for all the wrong reasons. Global tensions are running high after he recently launched an attack on neighbouring Ukraine, and governments all over the world are calling on him to de-escalate the situation before it accidentally morphs into a full blown world war. 

Now, our own government has joined voices with the world to stand up for Ukraine. As Times Live recently reported, SA has called on Russia to ‘immediately withdraw troops from Ukraine’. 

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The intention is noble, but the method is a bit questionable, even as social media users wonder whether this call would have any impact on how Russia runs its affairs. And the one thing you can always trust social media to do, it is to make light of a heavy situation. 

Fans have been getting anxious about the repercussions that might be attached to the government’s announcement, everyone thinks Russia won’t be too happy. But worry not, as one tweep suggested, Russia has nothing on Mzansi and all our sangomas. 
The fan called on Boity to work her muti to protect the country from what may be coming. I mean, she did open up about accepting her ancestral calling and the journey of learning all there is to know about being a sangoma. And even though she said she is yet to start actively practising, if ever there was a time to start, now would be it, right? 

It was all in good humour, though. It’s highly unlikely that anybody actually expects her to shoulder the responsibility of protecting us all. But if she did, we have total faith in Boity. 

Perhaps she may have to call on her fellow sangoma celebrities, and there is no shortage of them. In fact, there has been a great move back to embracing and honouring African traditions and culture, and we have seen more celebrities accept their ancestral calling recently, including Dineo Ranaka and Phelo Bala

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