Bonang And Lorna Maseko Rekindle Their Friendship

Bonang sent Lorna a rosy congratulations on her book launch.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Bonang Matheba  | Drama

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For the longest time, Bonang and Lorna have been serving friendship goals. From touring and vacationing together, to being each others biggest supporters, we wanted it all. But all of that faded this year when they were no longer spotted together.

Even though they rubbished claims that they are feuding, it all became clear to fans that Bonang and Lorna Maseko's friendship had ceased.

In a turn of events, it is safe to say that one of Mzansi's favorite celeb duo has rekindled their friendship. In a sweet congratulatory message, Queen B assured Lorna that as soon as she gets back from the States, they will throw a huge party and go back to having many tongues wagging.

Twitter was abuzz when Bonang congratulated Lorna Maseko on her book launch even though she could not be present. The message was well received by Lorna who responded: "Thank you my gorgeous flowers bonang_m- to the moon and back," accompanied by heart emojis.

It's as if the ladies never took a break from each other.

The speculations started when Lorna was absent from Bonang's House Of BNG launch in March, which saw Somhale attending. Turns out that Lorna was indeed in attendance but she reportedly refused to be photographed and left quiet early.

Secondly, neither of them wished each other a happy birthday on their special days and were nowhere near each other for the celebrations.

Speculations were fueled even further when many fans and bloggers noted Lorna's exclusion from season 3 of Being Bonang - which would normally see Lorna on numerous episodes over the past 2 seasons. The chef's silence throughout the season also assured the rumors were true.

Tweeps are ecstatic over this new revelation that the two are still going strong.

Some speculate why they distanced themselves from each other.

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