Bonang Catches Flights, While Pinky Girl Is Still Fuming

Seems the joke was on us.

By  | Jan 25, 2023, 10:55 AM  | Bonang Matheba  | Drama

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Bonang Matheba throughout her reign as one of the leading ZAlebs in the country has continually been followed by allegations of being a mean girl. As such, her media friendships are continually scrutinised. More so as most seem to end.

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Whether it was the likes of DJ Zinhle, Lorna Maseko, Nadia Nakai and the alleged on-and-off friendship that she seems to have with Boity Thulo. As beloved as Queen B* is by the country,  it is hard to not see a pattern when it comes to her industry friendships. 

However, what many did not bargain on was that even her familial relationships would turn out to be toxic. This following the initial banter turned into a serious problem between herself and her cousin and reality star, Pinky Girl. 

…As [Matheba] plans her return [to reality television or vlogging], it seems that she wanted to bring Pinky Girl along to possibly feature her in upcoming episodes of B*Dazzled 2.0. However, in a subliminal tweet expressed how this was not possible because this time Pinky Girl has a visa, what she did do was get vaccinated so she can’t come. 
Matheba than confirmed that she was planning her trip to the US where it was required that all persons who come into the country need to be vaccinated. At the time, the banter was taken as light-hearted banter between cousins who got along. But it quickly became clear that this was not the case as Pinky Girl vented on the blue app. As reported

First, Pinky Girl seemed to suggest that Matheba was using her and initially she was okay with it. However, now she does not feel like associating with the media personality due to what she will earn.

She then asserted that she can afford to go to the US through her own means without the assistance of her cousin. But she did not stop there, Pinky Girl then continued her clapback to her cousin Dorothy by also labelling her as fake and shallow.

Bonang catches flights, while Pinky Girl is fuming

It might have seemed that Pinky Girl would receive some solace from her followers after her multiple suggestive tweets. However, the B* Force, Matheba’s fan base, continued to prove that as much as they had celebrated Pinky in the past, they could turn against her just as quickly. 

This is as one tweep suggested that instead of being ungrateful for what Bonang has done for Pinky’s career in the media, she should keep quiet and be grateful. A tweet that Pinky did not like one bit as she clapped back at the tweep. 
While Pinky is still reeling for allegedly being used by Matheba after she had already “dragged, blocked and unfollowed” her for no reason. Matheba continued to blue tick her cousin and her rant on social media. With all the speculation on the state of their relationship, Matheba returned to Twitter to confirm that she was on board an en route to the USA, clearly without Pinky Girl. 

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