Who Is The REAL Owner Of The House Of BNG?

Bonang won't stop fighting for ownership of her MCC

By  | May 20, 2022, 09:33 AM  | Bonang Matheba  | Drama

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The Queen B has not shied away from using her social media platforms to call people into order and this week she went on a rampage against a lot of people. Minister Nathi Mthethwa and CSA Global founder Davin Philips endured the heat the most. Yesterday, media personality and businesswoman Bonang Matheba trended throughout the day for dragging both Nathi and Davin, and online users are still concerned as to why and how the television presenter is still fighting for her company, The House of BNG.

Bonang, months later is still fighting for ownership of her company, premium MCC brand The House of BNG against her former talent management company CSA Global. The star called out the director of the company on social media with claims that he had “stolen” from her as a talent many times and that he wasn’t involved in the development of the sparkling wine.
However, it is reported that Davin is the one who owns the right and can sell the House of BNG. Entertainment commentator Musa Khawula shared on Twitter that Davin successful positioned himself as the owner of the brand by law. He wrote, “Davin has strategically placed himself at the centre of House of BNG & has control over pretty much the entire decision making process of the business. He is a director of CSA Global & was assigned as Bonang’s manager, he also owns Vino Ventures responsible for producing the MCC.”
Bonang first had a fall out with the international brand management company CSA which was responsible for many of her gigs and businesses for a while and during her time in the USA last year. In October 2021, Bonang Matheba opened a Twitter Space to share that she had cancelled her contract and business relationship with the company following theft reasons. The media personality further insinuated that the company has stolen money from her as talent and that she will be taking them to court.
“Today, I announce that I’ve terminated that contract … and they no longer represent me or any of my business ventures.

“Furthermore, I have instructed my lawyers to investigate the possibility of criminal conduct by the company and its representatives.

“I will revert over the next few days with more updates so that others can be aware of what I consider as their very unsavoury behaviour.“

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Following this, CSA Global rubbished Bonang’s claims and revealed that the reality tv star was in breach of multiple contracts and had been neglecting the brands, as well as her own, for the past six months during her time living in New York. They further said that Bonang’s claims that she bought the House of BNG were untrue, claiming the ownership to the sparkling wine and MCC. The management company further added that they were deeply involved in the development of the House of BNG such as branding, naming convention, packaging, and distribution while making specific mention of the sparkling wine in a can range, BNG Nectar, too.
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