"She Is An MC Now, Nose Is Expensive"

Bonang Matheba on the harsher receiving end!

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Controversial tweep called Chris Excel has taken a big swing at media personality and entrepreneur Bonang Matheba. This comes after Phil Mphela took to social media while missing Bonang Matheba at high end events.

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Recently after giving the Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture in South Africa Nathi Mthethwa a run for his money. Bonang Matheba finds herself on a harsher receiving end at the hands of the controversial tweep named Chris Excel. In a tweep that was rather praising Bonang Matheba by the entertainment commentator Phil Mphela on Twitter. While Phil Mphela was praising Bonang Matheba for her good grace and aura of glam.

Chris Excel did not mince his/ her words while he/ she takes a massive jab at Bonang Matheba without being provoke. The news has been making rounds about Bonang Matheba possibly having her nose done but Chris Excel did not miss the opportunity to send smoke at Queen B's directions.

Taking to social media, Phil Mphela expressed how much he misses Bonang Matheba's aura of glam at the high end and expensive events. This comes when Bonang Matheba have excluded herself from the Mzansi celebrity scene. Chris Excel jumped in and shot down the praises by calling out Bonang Matheba on her alleged done nose.
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Just yesterday Bonang Matheba was up in arms while lambasting the Minister of Sports Nathi Mthethwa on his proposed budget of R22 Million for a Monument Flag Project. Bonang Matheba was probably the first to make noise over the outrageous budget for a mere flag.

Taking to social media, Bonang Matheba did not mince her mince while calling the Minister 'useless' and even urged he leaves the office because he has absolutely no idea of what e is doing. Queen B did not send one tweep but a rain of tweets out of anger and frustrations at the outrageous spending by the government when the whole country is in dire stress over a number of issues affecting the citizens.

"You are useless and we hate you" wrote Bonang Matheba
How the tables have turn as Queen B finds herself at the mercy of Chris Excel, who is notorious for taking a jabs at celebrities behind his/ her catfish account. The news surrounding Bonang Matheba's nose being doctored have been discussed extensively on social media when it was suspected that Queen B went to Lagos, Nigeria and got under the knife.

It was actually Musa Khawula who sent waves on social media when he posted a snap of Bonang Matheba while suggesting rumors that Queen B may have had a nose job while in Nigeria. It was a round the same time she went to Nigeria ahead of the Real Housewives of Lagos massive launch which took place here in South Africa.
Although Bonang Matheba may or may not have confirmed the alleged nose job rumors when she retaliated to the news when they first broke, when she posted her picture with a knife as a caption. A little cryptic response that may have eluded that the rumors are true. However, she could have also played it down and paid all the naysayers dust with the rumors.

Whether or not Queen B really had a nose job, that is a mystery only she can solve. While others were suggesting that it could have been make up with a contoured nose, however Chris Excel isn't buying to any of those stories as he/ she is convinced that the good Bonang Matheba really went under the knife.

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