Brendon Naidoo opens up

The drama never stopsĀ 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Brendon Naidoo  | Drama

Brendon Naidoo granted R50,000 bail

We first met Brendon Naidoo when he started dating DJ Zinhle, the businessman lived a quiet life until he was thrust into the spotlight as DJ Zinhle's boyfriend.

In the beginning we all thought that DJ Zinhle had found her prince charming and that she would live happily ever after with no drama in her life but that all changed when Brendon was accused of being a con man.

Brendon Naidoo was arrested for fraud after allegedly defrauding teachers and pensioners out of millions, he spent 10 days in jail and is now out on bail.

Speaking to Drum about his relationship with Zinhle, he said, "It's been tough but we are good. When we are together, we are happy."

Brendon Naidoo

He does not mind that DJ Zinhle has not posted a picture of him since the scandal broke, "Instagram is for the public but relationships are private. I am still a private guy and this whole attention thing is not for me."

Brendon's next court date is on the 9th of June, he says that he is looking forward to it because he wants to clear his name and once that is done, he would like to start a family with Zinhle.

Image credit: Instagram/djzinhle