Buhle Samuels Rubbishes Claims That She Was Fired

She says she quit due to creative differences

By  | Dec 19, 2021, 09:35 AM  | Buhle Samuels  | Drama

Image of Buhle Samuels
Following reports that actress Buhle Samuels was fired from popular soapie Imbewu, she has come forward to defend her name and rubbish the claims. 
Buhle recently responded to rumours going around that she got fired from Imbewu. Replying to entertainment commentator Phil Mphela who made the announcement not too long ago, she asked him to verify his stories in the future before making such damaging claims publicly. 

According to the actress, she was not fired, rather she declined the offer. Apparently, she did not agree with the direction the script was taking, as she would like to challenge herself. She knows she can play the role of a gold digger already, and was hoping that this time she could diversify her portfolio, but the production insisted on writing Zandile as a gold digger yet again, so she chose to leave the show. 
While she was at it, Buhle decided to address other past claims of her getting fired. Some time back, the actress was allegedly fired from the role of Matshidiso on SABC 2's popular show Muvhango. According to the reports going around at the time, she was a diva on set who made work hell for the crew, and would routinely pick fights with the makeup artists and everyone else. 

Now Buhle says she was not fired there either, but she chose to leave because she was looking for career growth, which the show was not providing her with. She further defended her name saying she has never been the diva people insist on painting her as, and she was unfairly labelled difficult to work with because she wanted to leave the show. 

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The actress seems to have finally grown tired of having her name dragged through the mud in reports like those. She had a mini rant on Twitter, in which she said she was tired of people projecting things on her when she keeps quiet and minds her business all through it. 
However, Phil defended himself saying he does not make reports without at least two sources. He has chosen to stand by what he says, and fans are now confused as to which of them is telling the truth. As they are pointing out, the fact that she would not perform the role as given to her led to her exiting the show, so she is only sugarcoating the fact that she was fired. 
At the moment, fans of the soapie are visibly confused, especially since Buhle is not the only one to leave the show recently. Phindile Gwala also left, reportedly because the showrunners did not approve of her acting skills on the show. Considering this history of firing stars, it may be tough for Buhle fans to believe that she left Imbewu of her own volition. 

It remains to be seen which of them is telling the truth. As it stands, both Buhle and Phil are doubling down on their side of the story. What we do know for sure is that regardless of who is right or wrong, the actress won’t be returning for the next season. Say your goodbyes now, fans! 
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