Thugs Break In To Buhle's Home!

Buhle Samuels is alright!

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Buhle Samuels became the latest celebrity to fall victim to organised crime after she was burgled in her home this week.

The Muvhango actress was livid! You could sense the anger through the words she shared on Twitter when she reported how much damage and inconvenience the robbers caused after breaking into her home.

Buhle Samuels has enjoyed an exciting start to 2020 after making her TV comeback and enjoying a large amount of media coverage. After putting in the work behind the scenes the actress is reaping the fruits of her labour but not everybody is happy to see her winning.

Burglars, who the star described as "lazy" and "entitled" broke into her home at the beginning of this week and although she didn't reveal what they stole, she did confirm that the entire ordeal cause her a great deal of inconvenience.

An angry Buhle took to Twitter to write:

"I’m so tired wow. Crime is draining. No words can describe how upsetting it is to have someone break into your home. I have been running around the whole day fixing things because of some entitle lazy individuals"

Many sympathised with the actress, noting that crime has definitely become rampant across the country and it doesn't appear to be showing any signs of slowing down. While celebrities can't fight crime themselves, some are empowering themselves from it.

Masechaba Ndlovu, who suffered two break-ins to her home last year, launched a new support line for victims of violent crimes and robberies in South Africa last week. She described it one of her goals with her new policy:

"I am in the process of fighting for the law to change so we can introduce a third party policy. I should be able to - when I see your partner abuse you - report him on your behalf. Because chances are, if you have been there for that long, you are psychologically damaged."

Have you been a victim of crime in South Africa? How did you deal with it?

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