Bujy Says Hands Off Women!

Practice what you preach, maybe?

By  | Nov 02, 2021, 02:10 PM  | Bujy Bingwa  | Drama

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Disgraced media personality Bujy Bingwa's hypocrisy as been called out! The radio personality who got into a bloody brawl with rapper Boity days ago, advocates for a gender based violence (GBV) free country - but people are screaming, 'THE AUDACITY!'

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Bujy Bingwa will be partaking in an upcoming march against gender based violence, hosted by Khuzekani Madoda. The anti-GBV march will start at SoCafe Paul Kruger Avenue and Mozart Street in Roodeport, Johannesburg on November 7.

The 5 kilometer walk will see the Khuzekani Madoda organisation, promoting a new single and also sell some of their merchandise at R150 a t-shirt. Now why is Bujy in it? Well social media users reckon that this is a desperate cry for PR attention, and is probably hopeful that the justice system sees him playing an active role in eradicating gender based violence. Sort of turning on a new leaf type of situation.

Never mind the allegation that he too has contributed to the rise in gender based violence against women - by apparently hitting one of the most successful female rappers in the country with a wine bottle!

Users are furious; "This is a circus! Just wanna sell T-shirts and promote the single. It has nothing to do with GBV...not Bujy of all people leading a March against GBV. Undermining his followers intelligence, here."

Another said, "This is actually disgusting on so many levels. Does Bujy even understand the magnitude of his barbaric behaviour mara?"

"Bujy needs to quit whatever it is that he's on...How does he raise awareness against GBV while he's an abuser himself? He should get hit by a truck while walking le 5km yakhe."

Defending themselves, the Khuzekani Madoda foundations issued a statement on Facebook which reads, "This awareness campaign on GBV is a platform to educate our communities on Gender (Male/Female) Based Violence but mostly to reach out to young men in society who grow up with no mentors or father figures to guide them. The need to create a platform to mentor boys and young men of color is very important.

"Khuzekani Madoda is a movement to create a platform for those who need Mentorship and assistance to speak about their problems to likelihood brothers maybe with same experiences and challenges."

Responding to a tweep who expressed disapproval, the foundation said, "Bujy is not leading any March, he is invited to participate against GBV. GBV is a serious crime and we are providing a platform for our communities to get educated on GBV."

It is reported that Boity wants R1 million from Bujy and also R200 000 to cover the medical expenses she incurred after the incident.

In a statement, Bujy said,“I also opened a counter case of common assault against the culprit for physically attacking me and after being in pain from the injuries I sustained for seven days, being held in police custody, I have received medical attention and have filed my medical records towards my counter case,” he shared.

"I was verbally abused and told that my surname has no relation to who I am and because of that, that is why my career is going nowhere in terms of growth, in fact, "what is it that I do in the media industry because I am actually nothing!" he said in a now-deleted statement.

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